4 Signs Your Roofing System Sustained Wind Damage

Your roofing system is one of your home’s first lines of defense. As such, it’s understandable if you want to keep it in one piece as much as possible. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can damage your roof and compromise its structural integrity. One of these is wind damage. However, some homeowners find it difficult to be able to tell if their roof was damaged by the wind.

Here, The Great American Roofing Company, the experts offering reasonable roof repair cost, list the four signs your roof has sustained wind damage, beginning with:

  1. Missing Shingles – If your roof has some years on it and a strong storm passes by your area, check your roof for missing shingles once it’s passed. This is because missing shingles are one of the common signs of wind damage to a roof and can be caused by a combination of strong winds, heavy rain, or falling tree branches.
  2. Roof Leaks – This is the easiest sign that your roof sustained wind damage since water is entering your home from the ceiling when they shouldn’t be. To confirm this, look in your attic or your top floor for wet spots or dripping water. If your roof is leaking, call an expert roofer immediately to fix the damage.

  1. Shingle Granules on the Gutter – After the storm, make sure to check your gutters for shingle granules. High winds and strong rains can wash the granules away from the shingle and cause them to fall into your gutters. As always, if you notice excessive shingle granule loss on some parts of your roof, call a professional immediately to repair the roof.

  1. Curling – Compared to missing shingles, curling shingles can be more difficult to spot from ground level. With that in mind, make sure to call a roofing contractor to inspect and repair your roof immediately as curled shingles can no longer prevent water from seeping through your roofing system, making it more vulnerable to leaks.

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