4 Reasons Why Roofing Contractors Don’t Recommend Roof-Overs

Roof-overs, also known as reroofing or layovers, is a process where a new roof is installed over the old one without removing it. While it is touted by some for the perceived savings — it is supposed to eliminate the costs involved in removing and disposing of the old roof — the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. In today’s post, The Great American Roofing Company shares the reason why roofers consider roof-overs a bad idea.

Roofing Contractors

1. It doesn’t fix existing roofing problems. Since roof-overs retain the old roof, it also retains existing problems since it doesn’t provide an opportunity for a full inspection. At best, a roofer may be able to fix problems that are visible from the attic. In comparison, a standard roof replacement gives installers full “under the hood” access to the old roof, as well as the opportunity to perform repairs down to the framing if needed.

2. It only works under very specific conditions. You’re probably wondering whether roof-overs exist at all — doesn’t it mean it works on some level? The answer is, it does, but only under very specific conditions. The roof must be in an almost new condition (which would include roofs that are only about 10 years old at most), with barely any damage. The roofer must be skilled enough to fully determine the roof’s condition, and the homeowner must be willing to accept the risks inherent to roof-overs such as diminished performance and voiding existing warranties.

3. The resulting roof wouldn’t be as durable. Roof-overs require some compromises that result in reduced performance. The shingles won’t be adhered to a flat substrate, therefore they’re more vulnerable to wind damage. Also, the resulting roof would be twice as heavy, which can place a greater strain on the roof framing.

4. Roofing manufacturers don’t recommend it either. Manufacturer-designed roofing systems offer many benefits, from high wind and fire ratings to extensive warranty coverage. Roofing manufacturers discourage roof-overs because it can become unpredictable, therefore they cannot guarantee any of the above features, let alone provide warranty coverage for it. With a roof-over, warranties and other features will be severely limited.

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