4 Questions to Ask During a Flat Roof Inspection

A contractor is supposed to tell you all the issues with your roof after an inspection. It can get overwhelming but keep in mind that knowing more about your roof’s current condition is never a bad thing.

To help ensure you have your bases covered, The Great American Roofing Company, a top roofer in the state, suggests asking the following questions:

  1. What Parts Did You Focus On?

Flat roofs are notoriously susceptible to moisture damage and UV damage. In particular, you should keep an eye on the roof’s UV-resistant outer surface and its flashing. However, your contractor might have found issues with other parts of your roof.

  1. How Did You Document the Damage?

If they found issues with your roof, ask them about how they documented the damage. Irregular maintenance can void a warranty. As such, if your insurance policy covers the roof repair cost, you’ll need to present records of past roof inspections to your insurer. It would also be a good idea to ask your contractor if they offer assistance with insurance claims processing.

  1. Is My Roof’s Drain System Adequate?

The low slope that flat roofs have is part of the reason why they’re vulnerable to moisture damage. Water tends to pond on flat or low-sloped surfaces, which is why it’s important to make sure proper drains are installed on your roof. You should also make sure there isn’t any debris blocking your roof drains. If your area receives heavy rainfall all year round, ask your contractor if the drainage system can handle the average rainfall.

  1. How Long Until a Roof Replacement Is Needed?

Increasingly frequent repairs are a sign your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. However, only a contractor can give you an accurate estimate. Asking them about your flat roof’s remaining lifespan can help you prepare a budget in advance. Just make sure to compare estimates from different contractors before getting a roof replacement.

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