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4 Factors That Can Affect a Roofing Project’s Overall Cost

If you have a damaged roof, it’s highly recommended that you have the roofing system repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving your home vulnerable to leaks and other kinds of roofing damage. However, a roofing project is also a costly endeavor and as such, you’ll want to properly budget your finances to avoid any financial pitfalls as the project goes by. With that in mind, it’s best that you learn the factors that can affect a roof repair or replacement project’s cost.

In this article, expert roofer The Great American Roofing Company lists the four factors that can affect a roofing project’s total cost.

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  1. Roof Pitch – According to experts, the roof pitch can greatly affect the overall cost of your roofing project for two reasons; first of all, if you have a very steep roof, it’s not considered walkable and as such, it’ll require greater staging, labor, and safety to completely repair or replace. This consumes a lot of time and resources and as such, you can expect to pay extra to get the job done. The second reason is the pitch can also decide the type of roof you can install as well as its fire rating, affecting the type of underlayment you can install and the project cost in the process.

  1. Roofer Access – The access of your roofing contractor to the roof is a critical aspect in the overall pricing of the job. This is because the more difficult your roof is to access, the more equipment and labor will be needed to remove the old roof and install the new one. Alternatively, the easier the access, the less time and material will be needed to complete your roof, which in turn can reduce the cost of the roof repair or replacement job.

  1. Material – When you’re having a roofing project done, you have a wide range of options when it comes to materials and often, there’s a sizable difference between each of them when it comes to aesthetics, weight, durability, and longevity. This means that depending on the roofing material you pick for your replacement project, the cost of your roof repair or replacement project may vary.

  1. Size – Finally, the size of your roof can also determine how much a roofing project can cost. This is because roofers do not measure roofs according to the square foot. Instead, they measure it by taking the square footage and then dividing the number by 100, resulting in the roofing square.

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