4 Effective Ways to Avoid Storm Chasers

A storm can leave homeowners with considerable damage — broken and collapsed trees scattered on streets, snapped power lines, and standing water near down wires. But the danger doesn’t end there. The unfortunate weather event also brings out storm chasers or fake roofers who scam desperate homeowners for easy profit. Their sales tactic? Urge the homeowner to have their damaged roof fixed immediately. The shoddy workmanship of storm chasers will only leave you with more costly repairs in the future. Here’s how you can avoid them.

  • Ask where they are based. Storm chasers are usually from out of town. They wait for a big storm to blow through an area and then pounce on the opportunity. To confirm the legitimacy of their business, ask where their office is located and look up online reviews and references. It’s always better to be suspicious of shady business practices rather than to fall victim to poor roofing work.
  • Decline “knock-on-door” offers. After a powerful storm, roofing contractors are often swamped with roofing, gutter, and siding repair jobs. Storm chasers will take advantage of the situation by arriving at your doorstep to offer you leaking roof solutions. Professional roofers won’t do this simply because they’re too occupied with fixing houses. The best thing you can do is decline the suspicious offer and end the conversation right after. 
  • Know your roof condition. If you know what roofing repair needs to be done, you won’t be easily scammed by storm chasers. Understand which parts of the roof are more susceptible to water leaks, like around dormers and valleys. This way, you won’t risk paying for a service that you don’t necessarily need at the moment.
  • Confirm if the work carries a warranty. Another smart thing to inspect from a fake roofing contractor is whether or not they provide warranties for the product or service they offer. Will the company be around if you encounter issues with the roof? And who do you contact?

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