4 Common Reasons Why Roofers Are Called To Homes

Over time, your roof will face numerous problems due to age, such as a roof leak or damaged shingles. These types of damage often require the attention and care of a professional roofer. That way, any potential problems can be stamped out as soon as possible. However, those aren’t the only reasons roofers are called to service a house. There are actually numerous reasons why this can happen.

In this post, The Great American Roofing Company discuss the four common reasons roofing contractors are called to service American homes.

1. Poor Roof Ventilation – Depending on how old your home is, it may not have the best roofing ventilation at this point. This will allow condensation to build up and allow the moisture to weaken the structure of your roofing system. Once this happens, it’s best to have a roofer upgrade your ventilation system to prevent further condensation.

2. Roof Replacement Neglect – Some homeowners know that it’s time to get a roof replacement. However, some still choose to put it off due to lack of time and settle for a temporary quick fix instead. Unfortunately, this can serve to make the problem worse so it’s always a smart move to invest in a new roof instead.

3. Damaged Flashing – If your roofing system has shingles, it also has an additional layer of protection known as a flashing. If it cracks because of weather or neglect, it leaves your home vulnerable to water infiltration. While damaged flashing may seem like a simple cosmetic failure, it actually leads to structural problems that can make your home uncomfortable. With that in mind, call a roofer to repair your flashing if you notice any damage.

4. Neglected Gutters – Cleaning your gutters can be an unpleasant and difficult experience but it is an important step to maintaining your home. By failing to maintain your gutters, it can be susceptible to clogging, which will allow water to accumulate and cause damage to your roof. Therefore, you should have your gutters cleaned every now and then to prevent further problems in the future.

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