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4 Common Problem Areas of Roofing Systems

According to experts, a roof can suffer from a multitude of issues that you’ll need to repair as soon as possible. This is because not only is your roof exposed to the elements 24/7 but also because the roof has a few common problem areas that make it susceptible to damage. In this post, The Great American Roofing Company, the pros to approach if you’re looking for a reasonable roof repair cost, lists the four common problem areas of a roofing system you should pay attention to.

These include:

1. Flashing – The flashing is the component of your roof that seals the roof system edges, perimeters, penetrations, walls, valleys, drains and other areas where the actual roof coverings are interrupted. Once the flashing are attached, they seal the voids that can allow water to enter your roof. Unfortunately, the flashing can also be a weak point for your roof weather and oxidization can cause your flashing to deteriorate and come loose, allowing water to infiltrate your home as a result.

2. Soffits – Believe it or not, while your soffits can help ventilate your attic and prevent your roof from deteriorating earlier than expected, they can also cause problems for the roof. This is because while you may avoid the early deterioration of your roof with the soffits, any cracks, holes and rot that it sustains can also allow water and small animals to enter your roof and cause damage.

3. Fascias – On the other hand, the fascia is the roof trim that helps your gutter system attach to the roof itself while protecting it from water at the same time. As such, since it protects your home from water, you can expect moisture to cause a few problems for the fascia such as rot. With that in mind, if you notice that your fascia is suffering from such a problem, don’t hesitate to turn to an expert roofer for their assistance as soon as possible.

4. Gutters – The gutters catch the rainwater that runs off your roofing system and safely deposits it away from your home, thereby preventing water damage as a result. If left unattended and uncleaned for long periods of time, however, it can easily become a problem area for your roof as an accumulation of debris can prevent water from properly flowing through the gutters and downspouts, leading to overflow that can allow water to infiltrate your roof.

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