3 Types of Debris That Are Most Damaging to Your Roof

Roof systems are designed to withstand the elements that they are constantly exposed to. But apart from weather conditions, roofs also have to deal with various types of debris like hail, trees and flying objects. While some of these are difficult to avoid, it still pays to have a good understanding of how these can damage your roof so that you’ll know how to minimize the impact or what to look out for when it comes to a certain type of debris.

roof damage

The Great American Roofing Company, a top-rated roofing company, shares more information about the different types of debris that are most damaging to your roof.


Hail damage usually depends on the size of the hail stones that have hit your roof. The speed at which the hail stones traveled could also affect the severity of their impact on your roofing. Heavy hail does not usually cause roof shingles to be blown off, but it could cause cracks to form on the shingles and potentially weaken the material.

The key to repairing hail damage is early detection. Hail damage is not easily recognizable at first, but a trained professional would surely know what to look for. That’s why it’s highly recommended to hire a roofer to inspect your roof after a storm. If you are able to spot and fix hail damage early, you can avoid the premature wear of your roof as well as other roofing issues that may arise from hail damage.

Building Components

Building components from other homes or structures may get blown by strong winds and crash on your roof. This is likely to occur during high winds or extreme weather events, and you can’t really do much to avoid flying objects. That said, you should get in touch with a roofing contractor as soon as the storm passes so that they can assess your roof system. If replacement is needed, they can advise you on the roof replacement cost and assist you with your insurance claims.


Trees usually create more risks or hazards during storms. Their branches could get torn off and blown by the wind and hit your roof. So it’s really important to regularly trim surrounding trees. If branches or any sharp parts of the roof come in contact with your roof, these could puncture your roof’s protective membrane or cause the shingles to become loose.

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