3 Shortcuts a Reputable Roofer Will Never Make

When hiring a contractor to work on your roofing system, it pays to choose one that you know you can trust. They should, for example, be able to give you an itemized list of what goes into your roof replacement cost. It’s also crucial that they can show you proof of licensing, bond, and insurance coverage–these essentials ensure you’re covered in case anything untoward occurs in your property during the project. Most importantly, their workmanship should be top-notch, meaning they will not take shortcuts that can lead to serious problems later on.

no roofing shortcuts

The premier roof expert in the area, The Great American Roofing Company discusses some of the common shortcuts that a reputable roofing contractor will never make

  1. Not using the right number of nails. The shadier type of roofer will skimp on the nails used to attach the shingles to the roof–all so they can pocket a few cash. You won’t have this problem with The Great American Roofing Company. We always use the right number of nails to ensure the shingles adhere firmly to the roof deck, eliminating the potential of wind uplift and leaks.

  2. Suggesting a roof lay-over. As the term implies, a roof lay-over involves laying a new roofing system over the old one. It may be cost-effective, and the work may finish faster, but no reliable roofing company will ever suggest this shortcut. That’s because a roof lay-over can lead to issues in the attic ventilation, put unnecessary strain on your roof structure, and allow the new system to inherit the problems of the old one, shortening its life. Instead, they will recommend a complete tear-off prior to the actual roof installation.

  3. Skipping the roof underlayment. You should be wary of contractors who try to convince you that your new roof won’t need an underlayment. Without it, your system will become more susceptible to leaks, which in turn, introduce mold and rot to the roof structure. A reputable roofer understands just how integral this component is to the longevity and performance of your roof. They’ll help you pick the best option for your roof to ensure it remains sturdy and leak-free.

The Great American Roofing Company never takes shortcuts in the work we do, whether it involves commercial roof repair or residential roofing installation. With us handling your project, you can expect that every detail, no matter how small, will be covered, allowing for high-quality results. Call us today at (201) 825-2955 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation. We proudly serve the areas in and around Upper Saddle River, NJ. We’d love to hear from you!