3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Roof Replacement Project

roof replacement is a home improvement project you shouldn’t take lightly. You have to consider several factors to ensure its success, from learning about your roofing options to choosing the best contractor for the job. Given the daunting nature of this undertaking, it can be easy for you to make mistakes that can lead to costly issues in the future.

Scale model of house on top of floor plan

If you are planning to replace your roof soon, be sure to take note of the mistakes and avoid them at all costs.

1. Not Hiring the Right Contractor for the Job

Choosing a contractor for your roof replacement shouldn’t be done on a whim. You have to do your due diligence to ensure that the roofing team you hire meets your expectations. When you do your background checks, see to it that a prospective contractor has an established business within or near your location, is fully licensed and insured, and has a list of work references at the ready.

2. Focusing on Price Over Quality

It is never a good idea to skimp on the quality of your roofing materials and the workmanship of your chosen contractor. While it can be an appealing way to achieve savings, you’ll most likely end up with a shoddy or subpar roofing system. Eventually, you’ll have to spend more on extra repairs due to a roof leak or any other issue earlier in its lifespan.

3. Disregarding the Written Estimate

Failure to obtain a written estimate is a mistake that you have to avoid. When your contractor visits your home to perform an inspection and provides an estimate for the roof replacement, make sure to get it in writing. This will serve as your proof in case they try to raise the total cost of the project, allowing you to keep your budget intact.

Because a roofing system is an important investment, you’d want it to be installed by a reputable local contractor. The Great American Roofing Company is a GAF Master Elite® roofer, which means we have a proven reputation for completing quality work, are properly licensed and insured, receive ongoing training to remain the best in the business, and care about your satisfaction with the process.

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