3 Facts You Should Know About Your New Roof’s Warranty

A new roofing system for your home is a huge undertaking and in order to get the most out of it, you’ll want to learn more about its roof warranty. After all, this particular aspect can add some much-needed protection to your investment. The trusted residential roofing expert, The Great American Roofing Company, shares some essential facts you should know about your roofing warranty.

Roof's Warranty

1. Different Coverage Options

The extent of coverage included with your roof warranty will depend on the roof manufacturer and the quality of the roofing system itself. Basically, the higher the quality of the roof, the more extensive its coverage. Here are your available options:

  • Manufacturer materials warranty, which offers coverage against material defects.

  • Workmanship warranty, which offers protection against poor roof installation.

If you work with a GAF Certified Master Elite® Contractor like The Great American Roofing Company, you’ll have access to a roof warranty that covers both. Our GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty comes with 50-year coverage on materials and 25-year coverage on installation. More than that, the warranty includes roof tear-off and disposal (when necessary), plus a multi-point, post-roof installation checkup performed by a GAF-certified inspector.

2. Warranty Registration

Always check the manufacturer’s requirements for registering the roof warranty. If the roofer handling the new roof installation is authorized by the manufacturer, they may register the warranty for you. Non-registration can lead to issues when you need to file a warranty claim in the future, so double-check if the warranty is registered within the set time limit.

3. Nullifying Your Warranty

There are cases where the roof manufacturer refuses to honor the warranty coverage because of certain actions the homeowner has done. To keep the warranty of your new roof intact, avoid:

  • Working with a non-authorized contractor for its installation or repairs.

  • Installing unauthorized additions to your roof, including satellite dishes, antennas, or HVAC systems.

  • Cleaning your new roof with a pressure washer.

  • Putting off roof maintenance.

  • Overlooking proper roof ventilation.

  • Having a roof layover done instead of a complete roof tear-off.

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