3 Common Causes of Roof Replacement Delays

While it is perfectly reasonable to expect your roofing contractor to complete your roof replacement project on time, there are some factors that could ultimately cause unforeseen delays. Here are three of the most common reasons behind delayed roof replacements and how you can avoid them:

Roof Replacement Delays

  1. Inclement Weather: Nothing puts a halt to a roof-related task like inclement weather does. Even the slightest amount of rainfall can pose a problem because most roofing components like sheathing and starter strips need to be thoroughly dry before other layers are installed. Or else, any lingering moisture can compromise the overall performance of your new roof. To avoid bad weather from setting back your roof replacement, it is best to schedule your project in early spring to summer.

  1. Change Orders: Change orders refer to changes done to a roofing project while it is in progress. There are several circumstances that can bring about change orders, one of which is unexpected complications with the manufacturer or supplier. No matter what the reason is, a change order is likely to cost more. But careful planning and preparation sure do help minimize such changes.

  1. Unforeseen Structural Issues: When it comes to roofing, certain issues can only be detected once the old roofing structure has been stripped down to its deck. One common thing roofers find is a moisture-damaged deck that needs to be replaced along with the roof covering. This could be an unforeseen part of the process, so the deck material would have to be ordered before the installation could proceed. For your peace of mind, work with a company that is experienced in managing a wide range of roofing issues.

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